Better ConNEcted:

Campaigning for Digital Inclusion in the North East


Better ConNEcted imagines a North East where digital inclusion is a right enjoyed by all. We want people to have the skills, technology and internet to access goods, services and information online, in order to close the digital divide. 

Access to the internet is a necessity. Our aim is to improve digital inclusion in the region to create a fairer, more equal North East.

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Tackling Digital Inclusion Using Four Strategies

Culture Change

Working to change the narrative around digital inclusion. We want it to be seen as a necessity and a gateway to exercising many of our human rights.

practical solutions

Working with North East businesses to offer practical solutions to get more people online and accessing the things they need.


Gaining commitment from local authorities across the region to make digital inclusion a priority across the council and its committees. We want local authority practices and policies to reflect this better.


Supporting local businesses and organisations to improve their disability accessibility. This includes  screen reader compatibility and easy-read formats.

Visit our Get Involved page to find out more about how you can support our campaign.

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