Data access & WiFi


Hartlepower are offering low-cost and contract-free broadband through the Get Connected Project with unlimited data for only £20 per month. This uses a powerful 4G WiFi router that is easy to install (so contact-free!) - just plug in and go! Local teams are on hand in Hartlepool to help with issues.

If you live outside of the Tees Valley and would like a Get Connected router, get in touch with us at

Faster Broadband offers many free digital tools including a broadband comparison tool to check out reviews of providers of deals in your area. They also have a broadband usage calculator to find out what kind of data package you need based on how much you use. The site is advert free and does not collect data with the exception of anonymised google analytics. 

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Phone Data

Vodafone is providing charities with programmes supporting digital inclusion 100 free sim cards for those they are supporting. The sim cards are loaded with 20GB data, plus free calls and texts and can be used over 6 months.

Find out more about Vodafone's charity sim cards deal hereSims are available until 1st November 2022 or until supplies run out.

Voxi are offering unlimited data, calls and texts for unemployed people in receipt of jobseekers allowance or employment-based universal credit. This is a contract-free offer for 6 months. Apply for a Voxi phone contract here.

Virgin Media O2 have created the UK's first databank. This will provide free mobile data to those who cannot afford a secure internet connection. The scheme is currently in its pilot phase until the end of autumn. But once that's finished, you can find local centres who can help you to access this free data via the Online Centres Network.

Help & Support

If you need help to access the internet because you need equipment, data or skills, have a look at our list of links and resources below. If you can't find what you need below, or if you'd prefer to chat it out with a human, you can get in touch with us and we can see how we can help.

You can also find local organisations that can provide support and services around digital inclusion via the Online Centres Network

Equipment Access

Get Online @ Home sells low-cost and internet-ready desktops, laptops, and tablets, as well as affordable broadband packages.


Disability Grants can help disabled people to access computer and assistive technology funds.

Donate Digital are able to provide free refurbished laptops and devices to children via their schools.

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For Durham Residents Only! 


Digital Durham Reboot scheme: Durham County Council partnered with Protech City to offer low-cost computer equipment to registered charities and social enterprise.  based in county Durham and social enterprises. 

Recyling Equipment

If you want to recycle and refurbish your equipment to give to someone in need of a device you can get in touch with us at

You can also contact Donate Digital to donate laptops and other devices to for redistribution.

Alternatively, Reboot Project provide a free comprehensive guide explaining how to refurbish equipment yourself.

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