Help & Support

If you need help to access the internet because you need equipment, data or skills, have a look at our list of links and resources below. If you can't find what you need below, or if you'd prefer to chat it out with a human, you can get in touch with us and we can see how we can help.

You can also find local organisations that can provide support and services around digital inclusion via the Online Centres Network

Digital skills

For individuals

inTouch is Digital Voice's introductory skills course that teaches people the basics of using technology. No previous knowledge of IT is needed to take part.

Learn My Way offers a series of short tutorials and courses to help people develop confidence and skills in using the internet. Topics range from 'using a search engine' to 'using online banking'.


Get Online Newcastle provides telephone support to get people online and improve their digital skills. 


AbilityNeprovides IT support at home via the internet or telephone. They also have accessibility guides for people with visual or hearing impairments.

Citizens Online have created a resource list in response to COVID-19 needs. This includes information on how to make video calls and how to ensure greater online privacy.

Media Savvy run courses on digital skills, digital arts and media, health and wellness and more. They support people with mental health problems, learning disabilities, and those who are long term unemployed or ex-offenders. Have a look at Media Savvy's 2019-2020 prospectus outlining some of their online courses.  

Easy Read Guide to Improving Virtual Health Appointments: Check out this easy read guide to making health appointments on your computer or phone better and easier.

For organisations

Digital Unite train people to be 'digital champions' who then support more people within community groups to get online.

Sign up to the Online Centres Network to join over 5,000 grassroots projects and organisations working to tackle digital exclusion. You can easily access digital skills training from this network, as well as seeks inspiration from other initiatives.

Catalyst has curated resources to help organisations adopt digital practices and design and deliver digital projects more successfully. Resources include how to access digital funding, jargon busting and how to equip your team with digital skills. Access Catalyst's digital resources here.