Planning around 'going digital'

As we move into a more digital world, it’s important for you to consider how this fits into your organisation and future project. Read the tips below for some of the key areas of planning around digital.


Some people might not have a laptop or computer to fill out job applications. You need to keep in mind that they may be using a smartphone, tablet or need a physical copy of the form to fill out. Try to use an online form system, explain that applicants can respond to questions in the body of an email or give them a way to receive the application on paper. This is a lot easier for people than trying to fill out a word document – particularly if they don’t have Microsoft Office, it’s quite expensive.

Have enough money to provide the tech that’s needed

Don’t make assumptions about the technology your future employees may have. You need to make sure you can provide the right tech such as a laptop or phone, maybe even a router in some instances. This means that people who don’t have the right kit still have an opportunity to be part of your organisation. It also provides extra benefits where people have their own devices as you can provide a higher level of cyber security.

Using tech

When planning a project make sure you consider what different types of software and applications you could use to make it more efficient. This could include organising meetings on a Doodle poll, making graphics in Canva or sending out surveys using JotForm. Look at a variety of applications that do the same thing, check reviews, costs and see if there are any free trial periods so you can see what would work best for your project. When you’ve decided what applications and software will be used be sure to give everyone sufficient training so they can use the apps efficiently.

Life after lockdown

When thinking about going forward after the pandemic, it's important to remember that there are some things that may have worked better during lockdown. For instance, if you have meetings with people from lots of different areas, it may be better to keep those meetings online or to take a hybrid/ blended approach where some people appear virtually and others physically come to the building. You’ll need to consider equipment for hybrid meetings and blended working. You’ll also need to have discussions with your team and project partners to find out what will work best going forward.

To find out more about Hybrid working, attend VONNE’s event with Accenture’s Tech4Good team on September 21st 2021 from 10:00-11:00.

Digital Inclusion

Make sure that you don’t make digital the ‘default’. You need to make sure that there are things in place so that people experiencing digital exclusion can still be engaged with your project. This could include providing things like telephone support to talk people through using technology to access services, providing in person services for people who struggle with the technology or being able to provide paper copies. Talk to your beneficiaries to find out what it is that they need and how you can best support them.

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