Why the Internet is Important to me!

Dawn works for Inclusion North as a leadership coach, training other people with a learning disability the knowledge and skills to be a director or trustee. During lockdown she had to get used to working from home and doing everything remotely. She has also been told to shield because of her health. In the video below, Dawn explains how essential having the internet is for her to keep working and enjoying life.

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Hi there, it’s Dawn from Inclusion North. I’ve been asked to do this video, why is it Important to get the internet in? It is important to get the internet in. I got the internet in and I wanted to watch Catch Up and watch Newcastle United on Sky or BT. So, if I didn’t have the internet in, I wouldn’t be able to do my work with my colleagues. So, doing my work was brilliant with my internet. I would go on Google and do me research. And I train people up to be trustees and directors. So doing that, them have to join online as well so they have to have internet on that score as well. So, being the virus, the Coronavirus, I joined loads of groups online. Social groups, I do videos online as well. I go on Zoom. I go on Teams. I do quizzes, entertainment. Because, being stuck in, I have to shield, so being stuck in, I would be bored without my internet. And if you got a decent phone with internet on, (like I got 40 gig on mine,) and I play loads of games on my phone and the internet as well. So, another thing is Google. I click on Google and I remind Google to take my tablets, and remind us when I got appointments as well. That’s my little bit about the internet. I hope you like my video. It’s Dawn from Inclusion North. Thanks. Speak to you soon. Bye.

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